HTML5/CSS3 Gray Navigation Menu

HTML5/CSS3 Gray Navigation Menu

Here is a navigation menu that is built using only HTML5 and CSS3.

No images were used, just CSS. It is cross-browser compatible and was optimized for IE7 and above.


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Because of limited time, we can't offer support for the freebies, guys. However, we do hope that the item documentation and/or commented code will be helpful to you.

Thanks for your visit and enjoy the freebie! :)


62 Responses

  1. danie says:

    thank you

  2. Panpic says:

    Thanks for your tutorial. Very nice navigation

  3. prakash says:

    Simple and super menu. Thanks for given this menu.

  4. george says:

    Hello. first of all thanks for your nice work and free downloads.

    Id like to make a beginners question. When i download a menu a get a zip with some files inside. How can i add this to my blog?? (if that is possible)

  5. this i must say is amazing and awesome::
    its very neat

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